Surrey Vegetarians and Vegans

Current issues

The site seems to be having trouble running scheduled tasks at the moment. We're looking into this, but in the meantime the calendar may not be completely up to date.

This is the Surrey Veg*ns' (vegetarians and vegans) social and campaigning Meetup, in the county of Surrey, UK, and surrounding areas (including the formerly Surrey, now Greater London, region).

Members of 'real world' groups can have their group name added as a title, 'Representatives' are either organisers, or those more actively involved.

You'll find many of us on The London Vegetarian and Vegan Meetup Groups, and on Volentia, which is THE social networking site for veg*ns, with over 15,000 members worldwide.

We are proud to host events for Twickenham and North Surrey Veg*ns (TWandKTveg), Guildford Vegetarian Society (GVS), and the newly re-formed University of Surrey VegSoc (UniSveg), amongst others.

We have a growing list of suitable venues for our social events, please do suggest any we've overlooked. We also have a new group on Meetup Everywhere, do join us.

End times

Please note that end times may not currently be displayed correctly.
When an event is created on without an end time, adds a default end time (typically two or three hours later) before supplying the data to VegEvents.